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1、Parts supply:
The domestic and foreign top drive accessories are mainly engaged in the sales of top drive accessories such as VARCO, CANRG, Beishi, Tianyi, Jinghong and other top drive accessories. 
2、Imported diesel engine accessories, mainly operating MTU generator series, CAT generator series, VOLVO diesel engine series products. Note: The pictures of all kinds of diesel engine accessories are attached.
3、Drilling mud pump accessories, can provide precious stones, Lanshi, Qingzhou pump and other series of mud pumps and pump group accessories, such as ceramic cylinder liner, polyurethane vulcanization integrated piston, Vale body, Vale seat, crosshead assembly, etc.
4、Electric control room, can provide Siemens and ROSSHILL and other SCR rooms and accessories.
5、Solid control equipment, including drilling fluid vibrating screen, vacuum gas remover, sand remover, mud remover, sand remover, liquid gas separator, agitator, sand pump, shear pump, mud tank and other oil drilling solid control equipment and complete mud purification system.
6、Drilling rig other accessories, can provide various types of drilling rig accessories and other equipment accessories. Note: with pictures of all kinds of other drilling rig accessories。




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