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Well Service Pump Packing and Seals

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Packing and Seals
Premium offers a variety of Well Service products to fit your needs. All of our products are manufactured in the USA if the customers need.
Plunger Packing Sets – All Applications
Metal Adapters and Lantern Rings
Urethane Valve Inserts
Plunger Packing Sets
Premium Well Service Packing is made from high quality materials for extended service life in all applications. We offer a variety of compounds for all types of environments including high-pressure, abrasive and high-temperature. We offer both complete sets and replacement sets.
Replacement Set – Header Ring, Pressure Ring, Top Adapter and Wiper Ring
Complete Set – Header Ring, Pressure Ring, Top Adapter, Brass Lantern Ring and Adapter
We offer the following styles: General Service, Severe Service, & Ultra T Packing
Valve Inserts
We manufacture replacement valve inserts and bonded valve inserts for all applications. Humble Industries uses the latest urethane compounds available for standard service and Hi-Temp applications.

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