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Wash Pipes

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Premium carries a broad range of Cartridge Assemblies for many different style swivels as well as todays most popular Top Drives. Whether needing the complete assembly or looking for spare parts Premium carries it all.
Premium Rig Parts offers a variety of replacement parts for the following swivel models:

National Ideco Emsco
P-200/300/400/500/650 TL-120 LB-200/300
P-750 TL-200 LB-400/500/650
N-24/N-35 TL-300 LB-140
N-47/69/815/1324 TL-400 LA-200/LA-300
P & N Gooseneck Connections TL-500  

Gardner Denver Oilwell Brewster
SW-400/550 PC100/150 6-BX, 7-BX, 8-BX - QC19
SW-75 PC225 6-SX, 7-SX, 8-SX - QC15
SW-125 PC300 9-SX - QC21
SW-200 PC500  
SW-300 PC650  

All wash pipe passes complete inspection for workmanship and quality. These wash pipes are made from high quality alloy steel, hard-surfaced in all areas of critical-wear, for wear and corrosion resistance, and they are precision ground for exact alignment of all packing areas, threads and flanges.
Washpipe Packing is made from a synthetic and fabric composition which has been impregnated with a rubber compound highly resistant to abrasion, oil, and water. Also available is single-unit washpipe packing, for use with swivels that require packing via cartridge-style (available with special adapter rings).

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