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Well Service Pumps

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This type pumps are intermittent duty single acting well service piston/plunger pump. Equipped with forged alloy steel mono-block fluid end and rated at pump speeds up to 450 RPM and maximum discharge to 10,000 psi, Can be equipped with multiple external gear reduction units.
Power End Features
1.One piece, High strength steel power frame
2.Heavy-duty, tapered rolle crankshaft bearings
3.Precision type aluminum alloy crankpin bearings
4.Stainless steel connecting rods, removable from crossheads
5.Cast iron crossheads with upper/lower oil grooves Forged Alloy steel crankshaft w/ ground journals and polished throws
6.Replaceable Stainless Steel intermediate rods
7.Internal Pressurized Lubrication System
8.Alloy steel crosshead pins, case hardened and finish ground
 Fluid End Features
 Pumps equipped with Liners
 ForgedAlloy Steel Fluid Ends
 Forged Steel buttress threaded valve covers Two Piece Piston Reds
 Individually removable Liners
 Pumps equipped with Plungers
 Plungers and packing, general service lir type
Forged Alloy'Stee Fluid Ends
 Ductile iron stuffing boxes with screw type glands
Full Open Valves and Seats
 Forged Steel buttress threaded valve

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