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Zirconia Liner

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Premium's zirconia liner offers life time cost savings, significantly longer service, better performance and safer operation than those made of more commonly used alumina ceramic. Premium's zirconia liner is a proprietary Zirconium-based matrix that has significantly improved mechanical characteristics.
◎ Zirconia has three important property advantages compared to alumina.
◎ Zirconia exhibits better impact strength.
◎ Zirconia is harder than alumina.
◎ Zirconia can be honed to finer surface finishes than alumina. Finished to 4 RMS, ◎Zirconia liners - provide a surface finish that's three to four times finer than alumina.
All three of these property advantages translate to lower ownership costs. The improved wear directly extends the service life of the sleeve, while the improved impact strength cuts down on the significant costs of replacing broken liners in the field. The surface finish improvements, meanwhile, have an indirect effect. The finer surface finish means less friction with the elastomer-and-metal pump pistons, which in trun extends piston life and reduces pump-cooling requirements.
◎ HP design with shoulder-on-hull design to prevent sleeve slippage
◎ Reduced liner and piston wear
◎ Rated for all drilling operations up to 7500 PSI
◎ Bore hardness of 92-94 Rockwell
◎ ID tolerances of +.010”/ -.000”
◎ Surface finish of 4 - 8 RMS
◎ Hardness i s HV 0.3 kg/mm – 1100/1200 ( 92 - 94 Rc)
◎ High pressure design to prevent slippage
◎ Liner sizes are available from 4½” to 7” for all popular mud pumps