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Blue Lightning Piston

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Super premium bonded polyurethane piston designed for operation in extreme drilling environments.
The Blue Lightning piston is manufactured from an engineered elastomeric compound that delivers excellent resistance to tear, abrasion and extrusion while maintaining high mechanical properties. A unique anti-extrusion feature, coupled with a premium elastomer, improves service life while reducing downtime and allowing for reduced pump maintenance.
Anti-Extrusion Feature
The anti-extrusion feature is a significant feature of the Blue Lightning. Manufactured from a proprietary bearing material that expands upon installation, this feature reduces friction by reducing or eliminating contact between the steel piston body and the liner wall. Additional benefits include reduced extrusion of the urethane and dramatically increased run times, even in pressures above 5000 psi. The bearing even reduces liner wear and liner damage over other piston designs. The Blue Lightning can be operated in pressures of up to 7500 psi.

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